The Nutrient Nurse Founder Terrie Atkin

I'm a registered nurse, aromatherapist, nutritional therapy practitioner, mother, wife and boxer lover. I began The Nutrient Nurse out of a passion for real, recognizable ingredients in skin care products. 

My story began over two decades ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Following a traditional doctor prescribed regimen of thyroid pills and blood tests I endured years of fatigue, weight gain and poor skin. During this time, the doctor visits become more frequent, the dosage of medications kept increasing and the symptoms just got worse.  

I realized I had to figure out a different way to live my life and had to make dramatic changes for myself and my family.

I took a hard look at my diet and lifestyle. I began eating differently. I got rid of any foods that came in a bag or box. I adopted a traditional foods way of eating and slowly began replacing all personal care products. It took time but it was worth it. My thyroid disease began to improve and I was able to get rid of the medications and doctors.

One of the problems I kept running into is it wasn't easy to find skincare that was truly effective, simple and clean. I had found essential oils to be a promising alternative and decided to dive in.

I earned my certification in Aromatherapy and Organic Skin Care Formulation from Formula Botanica. Since then I've been trying out different formulas with friends and family and building a local following in Bend, OR. 

I'm beyond excited to now introduce The Nutrient Nurse and our Nourish skin care product line sourced from only organic and wild harvested ingredients. I created Nourish for those who, like myself, want an uncomplicated yet very effective beauty routine that supports their health inside and out.     

Our Promise

To create artisanal plant based cosmetics to connect you with the spirit of nature.

Small & Fresh

Although this is not the most cost-effective approach in production, we insist on hand-making our products in very small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We make everything from scratch - absolutely nothing from semi-finished goods or outsourcing.

Ingredients & Safety

Our ingredients are 100% plant sourced and cruelty-free. Our formulas never include ethanol, synthetic preservatives, artificial colorants and fragrances, or anything else that is known to be harmful to the environment. 

We use a very thorough and selective process for deciding where we source our ingredients. We use a variety of organic and wild harvested ingredients and follow a very strict criteria throughout production.